Tuesday, December 15, 2009


  • Filed bankruptcy on at least two occasions and failed both times because he didn't abide by the federal court's rules.
  • Employment terminated at Custom Stone Works, Inc.
  • Sued by multiple parties for personal and other professional reasons.
  • Owed the City of DeKalb and Internal Revenue Service money.
  • Circulated a false rumor during the 2007 Election that another candidate had withdrawn from the race when she hadn't.
  • Misrepresented the professional title of someone who gave a testimonial on his campaign website.
  • Distributed a 'smear mailer' to Third Ward residents during the 2007 Election and then lied to the community about his role until the Daily Chronicle later uncovered his deceit.
  • Criticized the newspaper for its coverage of his scandalous behavior.
  • Allowed his daughter to enter the political fray by sending a letter to the newspaper in his defense.
  • Waited more than five months after the election to submit a letter to the newspaper addressing public concerns.
  • Never fully explained how he paid for his campaign.
  • Formed a company, Masonry Works, LLC, and took six construction contracts from the City of DeKalb without publicly disclosing the business activities.
  • Did not pay workers prevailing wages on a construction project in Elgin, Illinois in accordance with state law.
  • Had his company involuntarily dissolved by the state.
  • Arrested for domestic battery against his wife in August of 2009, and then accused of choking and abusing her five years prior in a motion from the State's Attorney.
  • Only told his constituents about his living outside the Third Ward when the newspaper ran a story and then continued to do so for months afterward.
  • Eventually could not be reached by phone because his was disconnected.
  • In danger of home foreclosure.
  • Shamelessly used his family to evoke sympathy about his problems.
  • Owes the Illinois Tollway thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Missed a number of council meetings.
  • Rarely contributed any substance to policy discussions.
  • Criticized members of the city council and the democratic process during his resignation announcement.
  • Accomplished very little in 2.5+ years of disservice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the exaggerated number of years he claimed to have lived in DeKalb during the election.

Don't forget how he wanted to make a deal to beat Kapitan.

Don't forget the ward reports he gave that were only about him (three positives, painting a house, feeding Thanksgiving dinner at O'Leary's last year, and sandbagging during 2007's August flood, of course he talked about himself).