Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An analysis of Wogen's resignation announcement

It has been a long two and a half plus years. When I reflect upon Victor Wogen's resignation announcement from yesterday morning on WLBK, I can't help but think the following:

First, this man is in serious denial, i.e. he really believes that he helped local citizens during his tenure. However, if you listen to the interview closely, he simply cannot share a substantive list of accomplishments to date, and more than once he makes reference to painting a resident's home shortly after taking office.

Secondly, Mr. Wogen didn't resign to focus on his children, rather he's afraid of what the immediate future holds: a possible conviction for misdemeanor battery, and the likelihood that more unpleasant details about his personal and professional life will surface in the wake of his divorce proceedings.

Thirdly, he intentionally sought WLBK to make this announcement because he wanted to frame the story himself. Mr. Wogen has not trusted the Daily Chronicle since it exposed him as a liar after the election in the spring of 2007. Back then they reported the news and he attempted to spin the stories to minimize the political damage.

Fourthly, his 'After School Special' analysis of anonymous blogging is weak - at best. The primary focus of online discussion should always be the credibility of the information provided, not whether a person chooses to use his or her real name when contributing a story comment or a blog post.

Lastly, his criticism of the council demonstrates his lack of insight on the deliberative process. Policymaking is very challenging - it is hard work that often involves study, debate, and compromise on issues that people have strong opinions about. How could Mr. Wogen not know this when he ran for the office of alderman, and why did he bother to stay this long if that's how he really feels?

We could go on about Mr. Wogen, but this seems like a good place to stop. I'm satisfied that he no longer holds the position of alderman and that someone else will have the chance. Let's hope that Mayor Povlsen nominates somebody who is honest, competent, and engaging - somebody who will represent his or her constituents well.


Anonymous said...

Wogen 'pulled a Palin' and quit.

Anonymous said...

Wogen did not have a $150,000 clothing allowance and would not have passed a vetting process if one had been undertaken.