Friday, June 22, 2007

Some questions and answers with Wogen Watch - Part 1

How do you feel about the "smear mailer" that Alderman Wogen placed postage on and sent out just before the election?

Well, honestly, former alderman Steve Kapitan should take better care of his house. I mean - come on, the code violations are an embarrassment. That said, associating Kapitan with socialism and homosexuality simply plays on people's fears. Of the two associations, I'm more concerned with the second because calling someone "extremely pro-gay" implies that you are anti-gay and that you're trying to court the anti-gay vote in the community. Beyond the lying, this says even more about Victor Wogen's brand of politics.

Is it appropriate to post excerpts of court files involving someone's financial business?

Absolutely. If a person is being sued because he or she does not pay his or her debts, then one has to wonder how responsible that person is with money. While I am not interested in a public official's middle school report card or whether or not he or she visits the dentist twice a year, I am concerned with a person's financial decision-making abilities. After all, the city council votes on issues involving how money is spent. In addition, the court cases raise other imporant questions: how does someone pay for a campaign when he or she cannot pay his or her own bills? Also, if a person is on the verge of losing his house, then why is he running for office and not working multiple jobs to save it?

I noticed that Custom Stone Works, Inc., "terminated" Wogen's employment last year. Why post this information in the blog?

People should know that he lost his job, and they should ask him why. Have you ever been fired? I haven't. I've always wondered about people who can't stay employed because it says something about their abilities, sense of ethics, or both. When it comes to public office, I want the most qualified candidate and not the person who leaves me with doubts as to whether they can handle the responsibility.

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